Who We Are:

Task Force Goals

In March of 2021, the Tioga County Transition to Life Opportunities Task Force was created to address the needs of adults with disabilities in Tioga County. The group currently meets on Zoom during the first Monday evening of the month. Our most immediate goals include:

  1. Grow our Task Force to be fully inclusive. We need individuals from the disability community to be participating members so that their needs are appropriately represented. If you or a family member could help build our inclusiveness, please consider joining us!

  2. Collect information about existing services and resources in Tioga County and elsewhere, and house them in one place (i.e., this website). We need to know what already exists.

  3. Research existing data regarding county needs and resources (or the lack of resources) to meet those needs.

  4. Survey our community with additional questions that address our specific problem areas.

  5. Determine priority areas of need and work toward an action plan to positively impact change.

For more information, contact Pat: patgillule@gmail.com