Tioga County Needs

Communities across the United States are undertaking strategic initiatives to create a coordinated response for employers and job seekers. Tioga County is joining these innovative communities in leveraging the opportunities for workforce development. This 2020-2025 Tioga County Workforce Development Strategy is Tioga County’s response to facilitate connections between and among local school districts, higher learning institutions, local and major employers. These actions will guide the County’s workforce initiatives for the next five years.

Regional Development 5 Year Plan for Tioga County and Surrounding Areas: https://tiogacountyny.com/media/8145/the-2020-2025-tioga-county-workforce-development-strategy.pdf

The following is a PARTIAL list of Key Findings

from the 2020 Tioga County Needs Assessment:


•Expected population: 65+ age cohort is expected to grow by over 20% from 2020-2040. This will affect the housing market and the workforce.

•Higher rate of people with disabilities when compared to NYS, but similar to surrounding counties.

•NYS has the 5th largest veteran population out of the nation, and Tioga County has a higher percentage of veterans than NYS.


• Wide range of industry sectors exist, including manufacturing, entertainment and tourism, and healthcare sectors.

•Over 16K of the employed population living in Tioga travel outside the county for work; the average commute is about 23 minutes.

•Many employers will be faced with replacing nearly 30% of their workforce in the next 5-7 years; yet there is a lack of qualified job candidates aged 25-45 and the workforce participation rate among those 20-25 is less than 70%.


•There is an unmet child care need for over 8,500 children between the age of 0-12 years in Tioga County; and the biggest needs are care for infants, children with special needs, school-age children, and care in outlying areas.


•There are strong recreation and tourism initiatives set to take place.

•Residents strongly believe that there is a sense of community pride and an opportunity to make a difference in their communities.


•While Tioga County lacks public transportation, it is recognized for its strong nonprofit and volunteer transportation services and programs.

•Tioga County is perceived as a safe, active, kid-friendly place to live, suggesting it is a good place to age and raise families.

READ THE COMPLETE DOCUMENT HERE: https://tiogaopp.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/B5-CommunityAssessment-2020-22.pdf