Task Force Members

Our task force members include people from all walks of life! We have teachers, business owners, speech pathologists, parents (including many who wear several hats), community volunteers, nurses, agency representatives, directors of nonprofits, students, as well as those with disabilities who are still seeking opportunities in our community. All of them have volunteered their time on this project so that we can make Tioga County the best it can be for everyone. We welcome new members! Please email patgillule@gmail.com for more information.

Meet Our Members:

Pat Gillule

Pat Gillule is a mom to five, including two with different abilities and medical needs. She has been a special education teacher for 36 years, having taught half of that time in Tioga County. Pat is the Camp Director for Lions Camp Badger in Spencer, Special Olympics Coach for the Candor-Spencer team, and a member of the Tioga County Community Services Board Mental Health Committee. She looks forward to discovering untapped potential in our community that will benefit people with special needs.

Gayle Pado

Gayle Pado is the mom of a teenager with various disabilities and medical needs. She also serves as the Director of Family Resources at Racker Center. Gayle is a member of the Tioga County Disability Subcommittee as well as the Regional Family Support Council. She sits on the Statewide Family Support Council, representing the families from our region. Gayle is a strong advocate for individuals with disabilities in the Tioga County area.

Wendy Watkins

Wendy Watkins has been a special education teacher for 25 years, with most of her educational service being in Tioga County. She has volunteered for the Special Olympics and is a member of the Committee on Preschool Special Education as well as the Committee on Special Education. Wendy is a strong supporter of efforts to improve opportunities for people in our community.

Sara Banas

Sarah Banas is a mom to kids with different abilities. She serves as a Family Peer Advocate for two local agencies and is eager to promote opportunities for independence for all individuals who need them.

Roseann Cole

Roseann Cole is a resident of Nichols, business owner and Certified Safety Manager. She was also a fierce advocate for her sister Janice who had both physical and mental challenges. Roseann believes ALL residents of Tioga County should be supported and enabled to live their best life.

Gabby Ayres

Gabby Ayres serves as a Vocational Services Supervisor and Employment & Outreach Coordinator for Catholic Charities in Tioga County. Her energy and passion for bettering the lives of others has enriched our community.

Karen Warfle

Karen Warfle is a free-lance writer, speaker and parent with twenty years of experience using Augmentative and Alternative Communication with her son. Karen has presented at American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) annual conventions, Ithaca College, Davis College and women’s conferences. She has also been published in lifestyle and homeschooling magazines. Karen is available to speak to groups, conduct workshops, and collaborate with parents, professionals, and community organizations. She volunteers locally with the Southern Tier Challenger League, Kiwanis Club of Owego and The Village Chapel-CMA in Candor.

Emily VanScoy

Emily VanScoy is a lifelong resident of Tioga County; she currently works full-time as a Grant Coordinator at Cornell University's Office of Sponsored Programs. She hopes to bring accessibility of all kinds to the Tioga County area. Emily specializes in grant administration.


Rana Anderson Speech Therapist Candor School District

Patrick Aquilio Outreach Assistant Catholic Charities, Tioga County

Marc Barden Adult Advocate Tioga County

Fay Bareham Parent Tioga County

Corey Barrow Parent Tioga County

Chris Baumbach, PhD. Special Ed Teacher, Resident Assistant Binghamton School District, ACHIEVE

Amy Lessler-Boland Speech Pathologist Lourdes

Jana Bowen Executive Director Owego Gymnastics, Kids R Special

Chris Brewster Parent, Director and President Waverly Free Library, NYS Parent to Parent

Kristen Brewster Parent Tioga County

Bowie Brewster Youth Advocate Tioga County

Doug Bruttomesso Parent Candor

Wendy Bruttomesso Parent, Teacher Candor School District

Lori Buffone Parent, Physical Therapy Assistant Sensational Kids

Dean Chatfield Health Director Lions Camp Badger

Doug Cole Adult Advocate Tioga County

Sarah Constable Care Manager/Supervisor LifePlan CCO, NY

Brenda Conti Special Education Teacher Broome-Tioga BOCES

Jo DiFulvio Program Manager Catholic Charities, OPWDD

Jenna Dyer Care Coordination Manager Southern Tier Connect

Jake Dyson Adult Advocate Tioga County

Jan Dyson Parent, Sr. Family Support Coordinator Racker Center

Linda Fargnoli Executive Director Kali’s Klubhouse, Fargnoli Farms

Jenny Fausel Adult Advocate Tioga County

Jessica Gardner Adult Advocate Tioga County

Mary Liz Gleason Coach (Horseback Riding) Special Olympics

Jean Graham Speech Pathologist, Director Broome-Tioga BOCES, Inner Limelight Theater

Joe Holewienko, Owner All About You Transportation

Angela Holmes Director of Special Education Candor School District

Maryanne Hutchison Owner Dynamic Cleaning, LLC

Megan Kaminsky-Shimer Family Support Coordinator Racker Centers

Joyce Kenney Parent Neighboring County

Melissa Kiser Team Director Racker Center

Becky Kithcart Advocate CK General Contracting

Tina Lounsbury Committee Member OPWDD

Maggie McNamara Director of Transition Community Options

Jen Oakes CSE Administrative Assistant Candor Schools

Jill Presnell Family Member, Advocate Candor

Laura Riker Parent Racker Centers

Meredith Sagor Executive Director United Way

Jamie Striley Chief Human Resources Officer ACHIEVE

Laura Thompson Regional VP Programs ACHIEVE

Lisa Weston-Bialy Director Youth Opportunities Now Coalition

Ruth Whitcomb Parent Tioga County

Lisa Whitney Chief Operating Officer ACHIEVE

Jamie Winters Photographer, Artist, Advocate Lions Camp Badger

Sara Zubalsky Housing Coordinator Tioga Opportunities